About Ofooro

The Story Behind

Our passion at Ofooro is to spread the fun of Japanese Bath all over the world!

We are totally in love with bathing and to bring that experience to you, we carefully curate “Made in Japan” bath soaks and salt You Gotta Try.

The Japanese Bath Culture

The history of bathing in Japan dates from the 6th century and is a daily cleansing ritual.

Before Western showers were introduced and became a necessary part of everyday life, the Japanese have long valued bathing’s purifying and healing properties and they love soaking in bathtubs.

Japanese home are garnering attention for their baths with soaks from traditional onsen (hot spring) to yuzu or even curry bath…

What is Ofooro?

The idea of Ofooro came to us while doing some research for another brand “O-Yu“, we develop. A bath additive subscription website, where you can experience famous Japanese onsen like Hakone, Sukayu or Beppu in your own home.

We realized that if traditional Japanese bath culture is still very much alive, it can also be “Just Wanna Have Fun” bath additive and we started to build partnerships with manufacturers to bring our members the best Japanese soaks available.

Choose Your Plan

Choose the plan you like the most, place your order, and your first Japanese Bath Soaks and Salts box will be delivered to your home soon!

  • Monthly
  • $49.95/month
  • 10~12 Soaks
    Total price: $49.95
    Billed every month
    Free shipping
    Cancel anytime
  • 3-Month
  • $44.95/month
  • 10~12 Soaks
    You save $15
    Total price: $134.85 $̶1̶4̶9̶.̶8̶5̶
    Billed every 3 months
    Free shipping
    Cancel anytime
  • 6-Month
  • $42.95/month
  • 10~12 Soaks
    You save $42
    Total price: $257.70 $̶2̶9̶9̶.̶7̶0̶
    Billed every 6 months
    Free shipping
    Cancel anytime
  • 12-Month
  • $39.95/month
  • 10~12 Soaks
    You save $120
    Total price: $479.40 $̶5̶9̶9̶.̶4̶0̶
    Billed every 12 months
    Free shipping
    Cancel anytime

Upcoming Box

May 2021: Relaxing and Healing Japan